Camping allows you to visit places where few other travellers have been before. It allows you to meet authentic tribes and view incredible landscapes. We avoid busy campsites preferring wilder bush surroundings from where we can stroll peacefully whilst appreciating the scents and sounds of the spectacular African scenery.

Camping enables us to reach the most difficult places, but does not have to mean ‘roughing it’. Remember that camping, like walking, is a means of accessing these wilderness areas, and with high quality food and equipment, camping in a scenically magic location is a truly memorable experience.
So remember that to get to these places you may have to sacrifice just some of your creature comforts, but it's definately worth the sacrifice.

Our standard camps are lightweight bush camps, but we do offer more comfortable options with trimmings as well.


Standard Camp

Comfort Option/ensuite

Comfort Plus



Over the past few years, many eco-tourism projects have seen the light....

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Hammerkop Camp  Masai Mara