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Maasai Mara lion killed for initiation ceremony

Lioness killed by Maasai warriors - By the
Mara Conservancy

April 2012. This morning at 9am, one of the resident drivers in the Mara Triangle reported that the Maasai warriors are hunting the lions at the bottom of the escarpment.

Ten warriors struck the Oloololo pride when all the morning game drive vehicles and cheetah vehicle left the area. One female was killed in this attack. Two spear wounds, one on the back and other on the rib cage, proved to be fatal.

Leg and tail cut off
One front leg and the tail was cut off and taken by the warriors. The carcass was still warm when I got there at the scene with the tracker dog unit. This lioness only managed to raise one cub last year and this year she was seen mating with a male only a week ago.

Not retaliation
This was not a case of Maasai retaliation against livestock loss, but warriors getting ready to become a "man" by killing a lion before their graduation. We are utterly shocked by the brutality of the attack on our beautiful animal. Our rangers were there at the scene within 30 minutes and have been tracking down the warriors responsible for this attack.

They have discovered the butchered tail and leg just outside the reserve and are tracking as I write this post. I cannot stop wondering who is the true warrior, those who are fighting everyday to protect the lives of the innocent animal or those who take them to satisfy their ego. Now one graduating warrior group succeeded in killing a lion and other groups will soon follow. We are on high alert.

Source: Wildlife extra


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