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Are you a keen photographer wanting to live a unique and exceptional experience?

Towards the end of September the wildebeest migration reaches the northern region of the Masai Mara plains and the Mara River. Hundreds of thousands of animals mass on the banks of the river waiting for the right moment to cross. The scene is dramatic as wildebeest throw themselves down the steep bank into the river where the hungry crocodiles are waiting. The crocodiles are quickly satisfied in the first few days, but in fact the sheer number of wildebeest is more a danger to the wildebeest themselves than the predators. Specifically designed with photography in mind this safari will offer the amatuer photographer a chance to take some of the most fantastic wildlife pictures of a lifetime.

You will be guided by a Professional Wildlife Photographer.
More than just a guided photographic safari, we offer you an insight into the life of a professional wildlife photographer and what goes on beyond taking the photo.

The photographer will take you to his favorite photo spots, explain the wildlife behavior and how to position yourself, as well as teaching you the importance of patience while you wait for the right moment.

Back at camp the Photographer will show you all about processing the images on a computer. Your images will be viewed and discussed together.

You will be able to compare your photos to the professionals and learn how to improve your technique.

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