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Our walking safaris are a means of discovering the country and meeting with the local people in a personal manner. We donít walk to break olympic records but rather to harmonise with nature, appreciating the peace and beauty of the African bushland away from the hordes of tourists.

The Great Rift Valley crossing East Africa has been the inspiration for our safaris throughout these grandiose landscapes. Where else on the planet can you walk from high mountain forest to low altitude soda pans in one day. Depending on the selected itinerary, walks could be short walks from the camp, or alternatively walking over a period of several days. Regular halts are made to discuss points of interest whether it be an insect, or a mountain range, or some trees of interest.

Any fit person can cope with the average 12 to 15 km per day walk on the longer walks, even children are joining more and more our safaris with walking activities in preference to sitting all day in safari vehicles. You are only expected to carry your personal daypack whilst luggage will be carried by donkey, camel, porter or vehicle depending on your destination.

Local guides accompany us during our walks and the local communities are involved by providing guides, donkeys and camels for transporting luggage, as well as camping locations. We choose accommodation provided by local communities whenever we can, since we are certain that protection of wildlife and the environment is directly linked to these communities earning tourism revenue.

1 KT003 - Kenya - Masai Mara & Loita hills trek
2 KZT001 - Kenya - Tanzania Across Masai Land
3 KT004 - Lolldaiga and Mukogodo Forest
4 TT006 - Tanzania - Serengeti Lengai & Natron Trek


Over the past few years, many eco-tourism projects have seen the light....

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Hammerkop Camp  Masai Mara